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Cảm biến Gefran - Bộ điều khiển Gefran - Đầu dò Gefran

Cảm biến Gefran - Bộ điều khiển Gefran - Đầu dò Gefran


Giá : Liên hệ
Cảm biến GEFRAN - Đầu dò nhiệt độ Gefran - Đồng hồ Gefran
Gefran Viet Nam HUBNER BERLIN AFE7 Series Encoder
Inverters for industrial application HUBNER BERLIN AHE7.5 Series Encoder
Druckaufnehmer - Druckmeßumformer HUBNER BERLIN AHE7 - AHE7.5 - AFE7 Series Encoders
Absolut Kontaktlose Wegaufnehmer HUBNER BERLIN FAPY Series Tachometer
Wegaufnehmer: Potentiometer HUBNER BERLIN APY Series Tachometer
Massedrucksensoren QUIX - QX3
Emai : info.duongtrieuanh@gmail.com Multi-Channel Power Controller
http://duongtrieuanh.mov.mn/ Power controller accessories
Lastmesszelle und Kraftaufnehmer ADV20
Temperatursensoren: Thermoelemente ADV50
Temperatursensoren:  AGy-EV
Widerstandsthermometer ADV200
Verformungs- und Kraftsensoren mit  ADL100
Sensormate-Technologie ADL200
Rotary sensors AGL50
Tilt sensors Brushless Servomotors - SHJ Series
Wire position transducers The AFE200 offers a number of advantages
Emai : info.duongtrieuanh@gmail.com The SieiDrive - SM32 devices are AC/DC three-phase half-controlled
http://duongtrieuanh.mov.mn/ GE DV300 DC Drive.The SieiDrive - TPD32 series of digital 
Gefran Viet Nam KFM 05 Asynchronous Positioning Motor
Inverters for industrial application 1000 Configurable controllers
Druckaufnehmer - Druckmeßumformer 1001 Configurable controllers
Absolut Kontaktlose Wegaufnehmer 1101 Configurable controllers
Wegaufnehmer: Potentiometer 40T72 PID Single-display universal temperature controller
Massedrucksensoren 400 Single display controller400 Single display controller
Emai : info.duongtrieuanh@gmail.com 401 Single display controller
http://duongtrieuanh.mov.mn/ 600 Controller
Lastmesszelle und Kraftaufnehmer 600 OF “Open Frame” Controller
Temperatursensoren: Thermoelemente 1200 Configurable controllers
Temperatursensoren:  1300 Configurable controllers
Widerstandsthermometer 800 Controller
Verformungs- und Kraftsensoren mit  800V Controller for motorized valves
Sensormate-Technologie 800P Programmer - Controller
Rotary sensors 1600 Controllers
Tilt sensors 1800 Controllers
Wire position transducers 1600V Controllers for motorized valves
Emai : info.duongtrieuanh@gmail.com 1800V Controllers for motorized valves
http://duongtrieuanh.mov.mn/ 1600P Programmers - Controllers
Gefran Viet Nam 1800P Programmers - Controllers
Inverters for industrial application 3400 Configurable controllers
Druckaufnehmer - Druckmeßumformer 4400 Configurable controllers
Absolut Kontaktlose Wegaufnehmer 3500 Configurable program-controllers
Wegaufnehmer: Potentiometer 4500 Configurable program-controllers
Massedrucksensoren 2500 High Performance Controller
Emai : info.duongtrieuanh@gmail.com 2500 High Performance Controller
http://duongtrieuanh.mov.mn/ 4A48 AC current / voltage configurable indicators
Lastmesszelle und Kraftaufnehmer 4A96 AC current / voltage configurable indicators
Temperatursensoren: Thermoelemente 4B48 Force, pressure and displacement transducer
Temperatursensoren:  4B96 Force, pressure and displacement transducer
Widerstandsthermometer 4T72 Temperature indicator with configurable input
Verformungs- und Kraftsensoren mit  4T96 Temperature indicator with configurable input
Sensormate-Technologie 4T48 Configurable indicators - alarm units
Rotary sensors 40A48 AC current / voltage configurable indicator-alarm unit
Tilt sensors 40A96 AC current / voltage configurable indicator-alarm unit
Wire position transducers 40B48 Force, pressure and displacement transducer 
Emai : info.duongtrieuanh@gmail.com 40T72 Configurable indicator
http://duongtrieuanh.mov.mn/ 40T96 Configurable indicators - alarm units
Gefran Viet Nam 40T48 Configurable indicators - alarm units
Inverters for industrial application 40F96 Configurable frequency meter alarm unit - indicator
Druckaufnehmer - Druckmeßumformer 40TB Temperature and pressure double indicator / alarm unit
Absolut Kontaktlose Wegaufnehmer 2308 Multizone indicator / alarm unit
Wegaufnehmer: Potentiometer 2400 Fast Display / Alarm Unit
Massedrucksensoren GFX4-IR 4-zone modular power controller for ir lamps and inductive loads
Emai : info.duongtrieuanh@gmail.com KN NaK filled Melt pressure transmitters
http://duongtrieuanh.mov.mn/ KE NaK filled Melt pressure transmitters
Lastmesszelle und Kraftaufnehmer KD NaK filled Melt pressure transmitters
Temperatursensoren: Thermoelemente K3 NaK filled Melt pressure transmitters
Temperatursensoren:  IN Melt pressure transmitters - Voltage Output
Widerstandsthermometer IE Melt pressure transmitters - Output 4...20mA
Verformungs- und Kraftsensoren mit  IJ Melt Pressure Transducer for Injection - Output 0-10v Or Canopen
Sensormate-Technologie I3 Melt Pressure Transmitters - mV/V Output
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