Bộ khuếch đại Leuze LV463.7/4-150-M8.3 | Bộ khuếch đại Leuze Việt Nam

Bộ khuếch đại Leuze LV463.7/4-150-M8.3 | Bộ khuếch đại Leuze Việt Nam

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Bộ khuếch đại sợi quang Leuze LV463.7/4-150-M8.3 (50119070)

Series                                   463

Suitable for                         Glass fiber optics

Plastic fiber optics

Special version                    Time function

Light source                        LED, Red

Wavelength                         660 nm

Transmitted-signal shape    Pulsed

Supply voltage UB             12 ... 24 V, DC

Residual ripple                    0 ... 10 %, From UB

Open-circuit current            0 ... 40 m

Switching frequency           2,500 Hz

Response time                     0.2 ms

Switch-on/-off delay           Switch-on/-off delay

Readiness delay                  500 ms

Wiping contact                    Wiping contact

Function                              Voltage supply

Type of connection             Cable with connector

Cable length                        150 mm

Thread size                          M8

Design                                 Cubic

Dimension (W x H x L)      10 mm x 31.5 mm x 72 mm

Housing material                 Plastic

Plastic housing                    ABS

Net weight                          70 g

Housing color                      Black


Type of fastening                Via optional mounting

Bộ khuếch đại Leuze LV462B/42-150-M8
Bo khuech dai Leuze LV463I.XR7/4TC-150-M12
Leuze Viet nam LV463I.XR7/4TC
Leuze Việt Nam LV463I.XR7/4TV-150-M12
Bộ khuếch đại Leuze LV463I.XR7/4TV
Bo khuech dai Leuze LV463.XR7/2TC
Leuze Viet nam LV463.XR7/4TC
Leuze Việt Nam LV463.XR7/2TV
Bộ khuếch đại Leuze LV463.XR7/4TV-150-M12
Bo khuech dai Leuze LV463.XR7/2T2
Leuze Viet nam LV463.XR7/2T-M8
Leuze Việt Nam LV463.XR7/4T-150-M12
Bộ khuếch đại Leuze LV463.XR7/4T
Bo khuech dai Leuze LV463.XV7/L4-150-M12
Leuze Viet nam LV463.XV7/L4-M8'
Leuze Việt Nam LV463.XV7/2T
Bộ khuếch đại Leuze LV463.XV7/4T-150-M12
Bo khuech dai Leuze LV463.7/4T
Leuze Viet nam LV461.1/P2
Leuze Việt Nam LV461.1/P2-150-M8
Bộ khuếch đại Leuze LV463.XV7/4T-M8
Bo khuech dai Leuze LV463.7/L4-150-M8
Leuze Viet nam LV463.7/L4-150-M12
Leuze Việt Nam LV463.7/L4-M8
Bộ khuếch đại Leuze LV463.7/2-150-M8.3
Bo khuech dai Leuze LV463.7/2T-M8
Leuze Viet nam LV463.7/4T-150-M12
Leuze Việt Nam LV463.7/4T-150-M8
Leuze Viet Nam LE5B/2X-200-M12
Cảm biến Leuze LS25CI.XXR/XX
Cam bien Leuze  LS25CI.XXR/XX-M8
Leuze Việt Nam LE25CI.XR1/4P-M8
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LE25CI.XR1/4P-M12
Cảm biến Leuze LS25CI.XXR/XX-M12
Cam bien Leuze  LE25CI.XR1/4P-M12
Leuze Việt Nam LE5/4X-200-M8.1
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LS5/XX-200-M8.1
Leuze sensor LS36/XX
Leuze Viet Nam LE36.1/4
Cảm biến Leuze LS36/XX-200-M12
Cam bien Leuze  LS36/XX-M12
Leuze Việt Nam LE36.1/4X-M12
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LS25C/XX-200-M12
Cảm biến Leuze LE25C/4P-200-M12
Cam bien Leuze  LE25C/4P-M12
Leuze Việt Nam LS5B.Y1
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LS5B/XX-M8
Leuze sensor LE5B/2X-M8
Leuze Viet Nam LS5B/9X-200-M12
Cảm biến Leuze LE5B/2X-200-M12
Cam bien Leuze  LE5B/2X-M8
Leuze Việt Nam LE5B/N
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LE5B/N
Cảm biến Leuze LE5B/4X-M8
Cam bien Leuze  LS3C/X-200-M8.3
Leuze Việt Nam LS318BI/9D-200-M12
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LS328I/9D-200-M12
Leuze sensor LE328/4P-200-M12
Leuze Viet Nam LS412BL2/D
Cảm biến Leuze LS412BL2/DX-M12
Cam bien Leuze  LE412BL2.1/NX-M12
Leuze Việt Nam LE412B/4X-M12
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LS25C/8X-200-M12
Cảm biến Leuze LE25C/4P-200-M12
Cam bien Leuze  LS25C/8X-200-M8
Leuze Việt Nam LE25C/4X-200-M8
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LE25C/4P
Leuze sensor LE25C/4P-M8
Leuze Viet Nam LE25C/4P-M12
Cảm biến Leuze LE25C/4P-M12
Cam bien Leuze  LS15/XX-200-M12
Leuze Việt Nam LS15/XX-M12
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LS23/XX-200-M12
Cảm biến Leuze LS23/XX-M8
Cam bien Leuze  LE3C.B/6G
Leuze Việt Nam LSE 55/44.H2O,5000
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LE3CL1.1/6G-200-M12
Leuze sensor LE3CL1.B1/6G-M8
Leuze Viet Nam LE3CL1.1/6G-M8
Cảm biến Leuze LSEL 318M/P-S12
Cam bien Leuze  LSSL 318M-S12
Leuze Việt Nam LSEL 318M/P
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LSS 25B.X-S8
Cảm biến Leuze LSE 25B/44.2-S12
Cam bien Leuze  LSS 25B.2-S8
Leuze Việt Nam LS5I/9D-P1
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze LSE 96M/P-1170-42
Leuze sensor LSS 96M-120W-43
Leuze Viet Nam LSS 96K-1070-23
Cảm biến Leuze LSE 96K/P-1010-41
Cam bien Leuze  LSE 96M/N-1010-27
Cảm biến Leuze HRT25B/L6.32-2500,200-S12
Cam bien Leuze  HRT 25B/L6T.32-2500
Leuze Việt Nam HRT 25B/L6X.32-2500-S12
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze HRT 25B/L6T.32-2500-S12
Cảm biến Leuze HT5.1/PX-200-M12
Cam bien Leuze  HRT 96K/R-1690-1200-25
Leuze Việt Nam HRT 96M/P-1610-1200-41
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze HRT 96M/P-1620-1200-21
Leuze sensor HRT 96M/A-1660-1200-44
Leuze Viet Nam FRKR 95/44-350 L
Cảm biến Leuze HRT 96M/N-1606-1200-27
Cam bien Leuze  HRTL 8/24-150-S12
Leuze Việt Nam HRT 96K/P-1631-800-47
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze HRTL 8/24-350-S12
Cảm biến Leuze HRTR 8/66-350-S12
Cam bien Leuze  HRT 96M/P-1636-800-41
Leuze Việt Nam HRT 96K/P-1600-1200-41
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze HRT 96K/P-1640-800-41
Leuze sensor HRT 96M/R-1680-1200-25
Leuze Viet Nam HRT 96M/A-1670-800-44
Cảm biến Leuze HRT 96M/P-1620-1200-41
Cam bien Leuze  HRTR 55/66-XL,200-S12
Leuze Việt Nam HRTR 55/66-S,200-S12
Nhà phân phối cảm biến Leuze HRTR 55/66,200-S12
Cảm biến Leuze HRTL 8/66-350,5000
Cam bien Leuze  HRT 96K/P-1600.1-1200-41
50111963 ISS 212MM/4NO-4N0-S12
50111966 PRK 55/66,5000
50111967 PRK 55/6.22,5000
50111968 HRTR 55/66,5000
50111969 LSSR 55.8,5000
50111970 LSER 55/66,5000
50112065 ODSL 96B M/D36.S-800-S12
50112104 IS 218MM/2NO-8E0
50112109 HRTR 2/42-15F
50112110 HRTR 2/42-15F,150-S8
50112111 HRTR 2/42-15F,150-S12
50112112 HRTR 2/42D-15F
50112113 HRTR 2/42D-15F,150-S8
50112114 HRTR 2/42D-15F,150-S12
50112115 HRTR 2/42-30F
50112116 HRTR 2/42-30F,150-S8
50112117 HRTR 2/42-30F,150-S12
50112118 HRTR 2/42D-30F
50112119 HRTR 2/42D-30F,150-S8
50112120 HRTR 2/42D-30F,150-S12
50112121 HRTR 2/42-50F
50112122 HRTR 2/42-50F,150-S8
50112123 HRTR 2/42-50F,150-S12
50112124 HRTR 2/42D-50F
50112125 HRTR 2/42D-50F,150-S8
50112126 HRTR 2/42D-50F,150-S12
50112127 LSSR 2
50112156 KD 01-8-SA
50112157 KD 01-8-BA
50112206 BT 002M.5
50112209 ISS 212MM/2NO-4N0
50112215 BT-GS6X.L
50112293 ISS 218MM/4NO-5E0-S12
50112415 MSP 290i - 511 L 00
50112416 MSP 290i - 511 M 00
50112417 MSP 290i - 511 N 00
50112418 MSP 290i - 520 L 00
50112419 MSP 290i - 520 M 00
50112420 MSP 290i - 520 N 00
50112422 GS 61/6.2,200-S12
50112423 GS 61/6,200-S12
50112424 GS 61/6.3,200-S12
50112425 GS 61/6.3
50112426 GS 61/6D.2,200-S12
50112427 GS 61/6D,200-S12
50112444 IS 208MM/4NC-1E5
50112475 PRK 53/6.42-S8
50112477 PRK 55/6.42,200-S12
50112478 PRK 55/6D.42,200-S12
50112757 BCL 600i SM 102
50112759 BCL 601i SM 102
50112803 HRTL 96B M/6.49.02S-S12
50112804 HRTL 96B M/666.01S-S12
50119439 CML720i-T20-2710.A-M12
50119440 CML720i-T20-2870.A-M12
50119441 CML720i-T40-290.A-M12
50119442 CML720i-T40-610.A-M12
50119443 CML720i-T40-930.A-M12
50119444 CML720i-T40-1250.A-M12
50119445 CML720i-T40-1570.A-M12
50119446 CML720i-T40-1890.A-M12
50119447 CML720i-T40-2210.A-M12
50119448 CML720i-T40-2530.A-M12
50119449 CML720i-T40-2850.A-M12
50119450 CML720i-T05-160.R-M12
50119451 CML720i-T05-240.R-M12
50119452 CML720i-T05-320.R-M12
50119453 CML720i-T05-400.R-M12
50119454 CML720i-T05-480.R-M12
50119455 CML720i-T05-560.R-M12
50119456 CML720i-T05-640.R-M12
50119457 CML720i-T05-720.R-M12
50119458 CML720i-T05-800.R-M12
50119459 CML720i-T05-880.R-M12
50119460 CML720i-T05-960.R-M12
50119461 CML720i-T05-1040.R-M12
50119462 CML720i-T05-1120.R-M12
50119463 CML720i-T05-1200.R-M12
50119464 CML720i-T05-1280.R-M12
50119465 CML720i-T05-1360.R-M12
50119466 CML720i-T05-1440.R-M12
50119467 CML720i-T05-1520.R-M12
50119468 CML720i-T05-1600.R-M12
50119469 CML720i-T05-1680.R-M12
50119470 CML720i-T05-1760.R-M12
50119471 CML720i-T05-1840.R-M12
50119472 CML720i-T05-1920.R-M12
50119473 CML720i-T05-2000.R-M12
50119474 CML720i-T05-2080.R-M12
50119475 CML720i-T05-2160.R-M12
50119476 CML720i-T05-2240.R-M12
50119477 CML720i-T05-2320.R-M12
50119478 CML720i-T05-2400.R-M12
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