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Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Ball valve , Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Gate valve , Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Stopvalve

Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Ball valve , Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Gate valve , Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Stopvalve

Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Việt Nam
Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Ball valve 
Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Gate valve 
Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Stopvalve 
Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Ball Valve 
Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Check valve 
Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Float valve 
Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Lockshield Radiator Valve 
Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Wheelhandle Radiator Valve 
Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Accessories 
Pegler ( Yorkshire ) Decor Radiator valve 
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Push-fit fittings offer easy, fast and cost effective jointing. Heat free, demountable and highly flexible, these systems have major benefits compared with traditional jointing methods. 

A press-fit fitting is achieved through the exertion of pressure from a press-fit tool. A strong, reliable joint, made in a heat free environment using simple techniques. 

A grooved pipe joint is achieved in a flame free environment, with no requirement for special tools.  A gasket enclosed in the coupling housing is placed around grooved pipes, creating a leak tight seal, giving a versatile, safe and easy to install piping system.

Compression joints are made when a pipe and a fitting are joined together using a compression ring and a compression nut. Highly reliable and versatile.

There are two types of capillary fitting - solder added to the mouth of the fitting, or solder already held in the fitting body. Heat makes the solder flow into the gap between the fitting and tube using capillary attraction, forming a sturdy reliable joint on cooling.

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